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Interview with UK column about my book The Road to Kill the Bill. A decade of protest denial orchestrated by change agents masquerading as environmentalists under the climate banner, from climate Camp to Extinction rebellion.

TOP 500

************Two Number ONE’S in Hot New Release categories on Amazon Book Charts**********

My Book on the corruption behind the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021, has just moved into the TOP 500 in all books worldwide on Amazon. A little help from my marketing, all you lovely people who have bought the book and supported our friendship and work, the skills of my editor Emily Anderson the amazing work of the team at, for giving me a voice and importantly the universe for giving me this opportunity.

One thing this does show is the tide is turning in the media world, where more and more of us are turning to news outlets like UK Column for our news rather than the corrupt mainstream media outlets like the BBC. It has also hit a new high of 27 in Bestsellers in the Government and Politics Category on Amazon. This whilst only being on sale in the UK until 10pm tonight. Now that it’s on sale worldwide, kindle and independent booksellers who knows what heights it can reach.

Much love to you all, but still much work to do, so let’s keep sharing and getting the message out, future generations are relying on us to #KillTheBill for our and their #RightToProtestI hope our friend Ian R Crane is looking down with a smile and my brother John XX

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The Road to Kill the Bill

STANDING UP FOR OUR RIGHTS TO PROTEST Newly-published book by environmental campaigner Joseph Boyd shares compelling insights, research and evidence of state agents working through campaign groups to eradicate protest rights in the UK. The Road to Kill the Bill: Standing up for our rights to protest: Boyd, Joseph: 9781914424113: Books With only weeks […]

The Road to Kill the Bill
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