Five-star reviews and testimonies from grassroots campaigners on the newly released book ‘The Road to Kill the Bill’ flood in.

On May the 18th the eagerly anticipated book by many people concerned with human rights and the right to protest launched. Since then the five star reviews have flooded in from right across the UK. Around two weeks later the book went on sale in North America and other parts of the world. Of course the book is important everywhere because this assault on rights to protest is happening across the planet. Only this week the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill passed through the House of Commons in the UK with a damning majority of 100. Now it’s with the House of Lords and one can only hope they stall it long enough for the people to defeat authoritarianism becoming law.

Central to the books contents is the work of state infiltration and corporate agents undermining grassroots campaigners in an attempt to eradicate unmanaged protest, in favour of across the board managed protest, therefore no protest at all. However, its not just the above who have been working against us, it involves political parties, NGO’s and most recently Extinction Rebellion.

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Below is variation of some of the early reviews for a wider understanding of the books contents and why everyone needs to read it. This issue involves everyone against the controlled opposition, which is a tiny percentage of the population but they are leading all movements.

“Highly perceptive. Each chapter contains numerous nuggets of rare understanding of the British deep state and the struggle for our laws and customs. The author is a great embodiment of the spirit of Liverpool and the unbowed honesty of its people.”


“Wow Joe, I knew a lot about fracking after meeting you and other safe people at PNR.. I didn’t know the full story but now I do… The happenings you have written so well about at PNR were noted by many and yeah we all know what happened.. I just wanted so STOP Fracking as did you.”


“The Road to Kill the Bill starts out as an honest and informative insight into the author’s experiences of the anti-fracking protests at Barton Moss and other sites in the north of England, from late 2013 onwards. Working with others to slow down the onshore oil and gas industry, through various successful direct actions, Joe goes on to fight for our rights to protest in the High Court and Court of Appeal, London. As the story eloquently progresses, Joe and many others witness strange behaviour, manipulation and gaslighting by those positioning themselves as leaders in a supposedly non-hierarchical campaign. Joe’s extensive research and expertise uncovers many truths about state involvement in the green movement, still evident today in groups such as Extinction Rebellion, whose large-scale protest events provide the evidence needed to restrict protest.
A fascinating and enlightening read, from a courageous man keen to share his story so others can see the harsh reality of how grassroots protest groups get hijacked by police and the state. This bold and compelling book couldn’t have come at a better time, when our protests rights are about to be severely restricted by various government bills going through Parliament. The wake-up call we all need to read – and share – before it’s too late!


“Joe’s well presented and acute insight into how the state and industry use underhanded tactics, moles, agitators and undercover agents to infiltrate and control protest movements across
the UK is required reading for anybody involved, or considering becoming involved in any form of “organised” protest and should also serve as a warning that our most fundamental of rights, the right to protest, is under attack from every angle. His keen observations (particularly around the protest controllers at Preston New Road) are observations that myself and others that bore witness, share.
Geology stopped fracking, as many of us believed it would… Just as well really, because controlled protest, is no protest at all.”


There is so much important information within this book.

From government – approved corporate deception of shareholders and the general public to the sanctioning of criminal acts by undercover police, all in the name of stifling effective non – violent protest, the author has clearly concisely laid out the bigger picture behind current events.

No doubt about it; truth is stranger than fiction.

Without the slightest exaggeration, I honestly think the message of Joe’s story stands alongside the treatment of Julian Assange as the most important message of our time. Sadly for most, it is a message they will not want to hear or comprehend.


Having been involved with campaigning since 2005, including against fracking, I read this book with interest. The book deals with the highlights, struggles, emotional investment and immense amount of hard work and time that ordinary people put into opposing industry’s and government policies that potentially threaten our way of life. Opinions vary greatly within any campaign as do the vast array of skills each person can bring, and each skill is invaluable as there is much to be learnt from other people’s contributions – in whatever way they manifest.
The means to the end, and the path that take, differs from person to person and undoubtably different personalities, and their way, surfaces.

It is clear that in order to control any opposition to government polices and an industry’s agenda that that corporate side rears its head gradually within any opposing campaign, not just fracking, planted in the heart campaign – and why would it not?

Joe has written a handbook to pass to the next generation, to be aware of what a determined band of individuals can achieve despite interference from the state and corporations. Tenacity and small groups operating individually yet communicating with like minded others works well. Local small groups cannot be easily compromised whereas larger groups, where accountability and individual responsibility is blurred, can be compromised.

If a job needs to be done, then YOU are the person to do it. This book details how Joe achieved this and the impact he had on the UK judicial process and how the UK government responds to campaigns and protest currently.

A really invaluable insight into one person’s journey to fight the UK fracking industry. An easy to read ‘must’ read.


Of course, within the reviews there is some one stars as you can see, from those who don’t want people to read the truth. That’s hardly surprising after their campaign of gaslighting for the previous decade. I will wait for a few more before I do a separate article on them, so people know who they are.

Book can be purchased here:

.The Road to Kill the BillJoseph Boyd – YouCaxton Publications

The Road to Kill the Bill: Standing up for our rights to protest: Boyd, Joseph: 9781914424113: Books

The Road to Kill the Bill by Joseph Boyd | Waterstones

The Road to Kill the Bill: Standing Up for Our Rights to Protest by Joseph Boyd – News From Nowhere Radical & Community Bookshop, Liverpool

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