Green Party’s Tina ‘TOXIC’ Rothery to stand for joint leader of the England and Wales party.

Tina ‘TOXIC’ Rothery to stand for joint leader of the Green Party of England and Wales

On Saturday the 24th July 2021, Tina ‘toxic’ Rothery and Martin Hemingway threw their hat in the ring for the next leader of the Green Party of England Wales, after Sian Berry has chosen to step down. Better known as ‘Toxic Tina’, because of the way she abused grassroots activists/campaigners in the anti-fracking movement. Rothery’s credentials and experience are quite the opposite of Hemingway’s for many reasons, which I would hope Hemingway will play close attention to and withdraw before his credibility is tarnished in the same way.

According to Hemmingway in Wembley Matters, “standing in it was not a realistic plan until conversations with Tina coalesced into a determination that something had to be done, and that we were the team that could re-establish the credibility of the Green Party”. 

In Toxic Tina fashion, for those of us who know how she works, Hemingway is just one of a long line of people Rothery is using to jump up the ladder of power. This is something she did to great effect discursively through the anti fracking movement, aided by NGOs and the Green Party, even at the cost of everyone else’s right to protest, which I will discuss further on. Hemingway obviously doesn’t know Rothery like activists in Northern England do, but if the pair are successful he will soon get to see the real Toxic Tina and inevitably her narcissistic abuse.

There is no dispute that Hemingway has the experience and credentials for the post as stated in the Wembley Matters article. He brings “fifty years of political campaigning experience, including 12 years as a councillor on Leeds City Council, the second largest council in the country. Experience in formulating and carrying out policy; experience of a wide range of governmental and non-governmental organisations, experience of meetings, hustings, television and radio, including a speaking tour of Japan as Chair of UK Nuclear Free Local Authorities.”

In the Green Party, he has been a General Election candidate five times, a City Council candidate many times; all with hustings, meetings and extensive media work. Ten years of active involvement in GP governance, as a member of GPRC, and as a member of SOC. Preparation of agendas for Conference brought him close to policy concerns of members, and involvement on the equivalent committee for the Global Greens conference widened the range of concerns. See here.

It is my duty as a working-class, grassroots campaigner, who for many years witnessed her tactics, to write this blog sharing all that I know about Rothery. I and many others experienced her abuse towards peaceful protestors and community members whilst she worked alongside NGOs, Police constabularies, strategic security services and intelligence services against grassroots anti-frackers. I have detailed many incidents in my new book ‘The Road to Kill the Bill’. In fact, Rothery is a central character in over a dozen chapters. I would urge all Green Party members who have the opportunity to vote on this election to read my book before they do. In fact, I urge everyone from trade unionists, community members, environmentalists and social justice campaigners to do so, to understand how she has assisted in the denial of our rights to protest. The details of the High Court injunctions substantially show this discursive involvement.

This behaviour began in 2014, during a High Court case when Rothery gave Cuadrilla an injunction for longer than they were asking. In 2017, she was instrumental in an attempt alongside others to legitimise protest in a pen rather than directly outside the Cuadrilla site. Many anti-fracking activists have a catalogue of videos of her abuse and also her evidence-gathering on behalf of the state and the fracking industry, such as calling people’s names out on livestreams and declaring when they were breaking injunctions. Her narcissistic outbursts were witnessed many times at Preston New Road in Lancashire against grassroots campaigners who didn’t tow Rothery’s line on behalf of Lancashire Constabulary and Cuadrilla.

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

To understand of the depths of corruption Rothery is involved in, look at the silence of all the mainstream press, trade unions and the Green Party on the contents of my book. Even a Facebook group for blacklisted workers removed a post I shared about the book because of a direct message from one of her team.

As many people now know, unless you are singing from the same hymn sheet as the political and media class, you don’t get a voice in the media these days or are systematically attacked. Anyone who questions them are labelled far left, far right or a conspiracy theorist. This gaslighting of the general public is all part of the plan as we march ever closer to authoritarianism. Make no mistake, Rothery would be right at home in the company of corrupt politicians, no doubt why she has consistently been given a voice in the media.

Her work alongside other agents, who can be linked all the way back to Occupy, has been instrumental for Home Secretary Priti Patel in the production of the public order part of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which recently passed the House of Commons and is now with the Lords.

The true face behind the mask of Rothery, the one many of us grassroots campaigners know, was laid bare for all to see at the Tory party conference in 2018. See here

Controlled opposition

Controlled opposition is any person, group or organisation that claims to be opposing but is actually a line of defence against those really opposing something. This is done through the media, NGOs and other corporate and state agents. Gaslighting, and the psychological abuse which stems from it, is the weapon of choice to confuse and discredit in all settings these days. One example, in 2017, Rothery was when given ‘lifetime member’ status and later that year promoted to the campaigns committee of the national executive of the Green Party. Her lifetime member status came on the back of a late 2016 High Court case, that, to this day, no one except Cuadrilla and the judge know the final details of because no one was allowed to witness proceedings. Before that court case all the controlled opposition organisations and media were promoting Rothery as a Grandmother (emotional manipulation) fighting against the Oil and Gas industry. In the days before the case, the story was in multiple newspapers and TV. If you didn’t know Rothery before then you certainly did after. This came less than four weeks before Cuadrilla were about to start work, high profiling her enough to discredit anyone who called her out, whilst Cuadrilla got both feet in the door.

In 2018, Cuadrilla allowed a Rothery-led protest, called Women in White, to continue, whilst everyone else’s demonstrations were refused (evidenced in court documents). Of course, I know this was so she could continue to promote a discourse of her and nanas blockading Cuadrilla for ‘1000 days’. This is absolute nonsense, the only people she blocked for 1000 days, were grassroots activists.

The war on the 99% continues at pace.

Who are the people behind promoting this woman with no experience to the top of the Green Party? The establishment including NGOs? It would make sense after her work on their behalf during the anti-fracking campaign. All evidence suggests she is working hand-in-hand with the 1% running the world at the moment.

After all, this is how deep the working class has been infiltrated by these people. They use the same labels of anti-semitism and misogyny as they used against Corbyn to destroy his leaderships. They would use these same tactics, though, because their aim is to destroy any likely opposition on behalf of the 1%.

Silence is deafening

I’ve sent the pdf of the book to Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas. Caroline’s chief of staff replied to me by email, saying email and contents would be passed to Lucas. Nothing from Bennett though, which is not surprising, considering Rothery made Bennett a quasi anti-fracking nana. I’ve also sent the pdf to the TUC and they have also not responded. Shami Shakrabati is another who has a copy of the book and has also not responded. Their silence speaks volumes.

If Rothery is elected, we have the Kier Starmer of the Green Party continuing the destruction of any opposition to authoritarianism. It’s not by coincidence these people have risen to power from nowhere, whilst our rights are being eroded. I say to those who’ve been hoodwinked into believing the Green Party is the opposition to the business as usual politics of Westminster, be careful what you wish for!

Author: The Road to Kill the Bill

Kill the Bill

Interview with UK column about my book The Road to Kill the Bill. A decade of protest denial orchestrated by change agents masquerading as environmentalists under the climate banner, from climate Camp to Extinction rebellion.

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One thing this does show is the tide is turning in the media world, where more and more of us are turning to news outlets like UK Column for our news rather than the corrupt mainstream media outlets like the BBC. It has also hit a new high of 27 in Bestsellers in the Government and Politics Category on Amazon. This whilst only being on sale in the UK until 10pm tonight. Now that it’s on sale worldwide, kindle and independent booksellers who knows what heights it can reach.

Much love to you all, but still much work to do, so let’s keep sharing and getting the message out, future generations are relying on us to #KillTheBill for our and their #RightToProtestI hope our friend Ian R Crane is looking down with a smile and my brother John XX

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The Road to Kill the Bill

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