New book by Environmental and Civil Rights activist an overwhelming success and Update on Police and Crime Bill Committee.

The Road to Kill the Bill was launched on Amazon on the 18th May 2021 and on the Author’s dedicated page on You Caxton Publications on the 1st June. It now costs a penny more to purchase it on Amazon, but that saves £3 postage, so you can obtain the book for just £10. Since its release it has risen to the top of two Hot New Release categories on Amazon, those being Civil Rights and Liberties and Freedom and Security. Equally impressive was its position inside the Top 500 in the all genre category.

At the time of writing all mainstream media outlets have continued to ignore the details of the book, which is a substantive piece of primary research of our democracy being eroded by fake leading climate activists in Northern and Southern England. Other leading figures and organisations have also been contacted, to which several have responded, which will be written about in due course. Thankfully, we do have the alternative media source though and UK Column gives a voice to those challenging a corrupt political system. That media outlet has highlighted the book, described by Patrick Henningsen as a “phenomenal read”.

Several days after UK Column ignited the sales of the book, the author was interviewed in more detail about the book and why its now important that we halt several parts of the Police Bill. This interview was the catalyst for the next rise of the book and its successful first month of sales. The book is now on sale in independent book stores and others most notably Waterstones. Although the book is called The Road to Kill the Bill it’s about so much more, as it identifies the underhanded tactics used through Problem, Reaction, Solution techniques which involved, Strategic Security Services, Agents, National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), Counter Terrorism Police National Operations Centre (CTP-NOC) and eventually the Metropolitan Police.

Not been Independent in a long time.

Astonishingly, the once independent media outlet Drill or Drop , who has followed the anti fracking campaign for several years, has also chosen to follow the mainstream media stance of silence, showing a clear disdain for those who’ve supported the source over many years. This includes many High Court appearances the author was involved in, before a further Court of Appeal hearing when he successfully challenged the then Richest man in Britain Sir Jim Ratcliffe owner of the petrochemicals company INEOS Details. Its not surprising though, because that media source has been funded by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust See here in the form of a grant. Between 1 September 2015 and the 28th February 2017, the media outlet received £3627 from the JRRT. Just to avoid any confusion between this organisation and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation: The Society, an independent charity, is separate from all the Rowntree Trusts although “each makes a financial contribution to aid the Society’s work”

Social change agents are a significant part the contents of this book and how they work against grassroot community resistance, in favour of government, police and business. Therefore, we can safely say that Drill or Drop is no longer independent. A source many real environmentalist are still angry with for the lack of effort in reporting the loss of our great friend Ian R Crane earlier this year.

Police and Crime Bill Committee

Just as the book shows the evidence for the new police bill, primarily comes from the social change group Extinction Rebellion (Not environmental) and the climate quasi-groups before them. The committee debated the Bill during it’s tenth session on the 8th June 2021. Read here

Victoria Atkins (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department) began by saying “There is a balancing act between the rights and freedoms of protestors and of those who are not joining in the protest.
We know, sadly, that in recent years some of the tactics used in the course of protests have chipped away at that balance. For example, some protestors delayed an ambulance reaching an A&E ward, putting lives at risk. Some protestors disrupted the transport system during rush hour, delaying hundreds of hard-working people”. Of course, she is talking about Extinction Rebellion during their protests in 2019.

In highlighting the real tension between compelling rights, she continued “some protestors have blockaded printing presses, thereby disrupting the freedom of the press, which I am sure we all acknowledge is a fundamental right. We have been talking about protests with which we may not agree, and I am sure we are all familiar with newspaper articles or depictions in the media with which we may not agree, but it is the right of the free media in our country to report in accordance with that freedom and independence.” Of course, again she is talking about Extinction Rebellion.

Although not involved in the committee, the leader of the opposition Kier Starmer said at the time “The tactics and action of Extinction Rebellion, particularly blockading newspapers, was just wrong in my view and counterproductive.” The book The Road to Kill the Bill highlights this event and identifies, how the productivity of this action only benefitted the Secretary of State for the Home Office Priti Patel and a right wing government. This was unsurprising because everything I had witnessed during the years of my research from the Green climate movement favoured business and NOT people.

Thankfully, the working class are also starting to see right through these social change climate activists and where their allegiances lie. If anyone need to Tell the Truth it’s the Leaders of the Occupy movement related Extinction Rebellion.

Managed protest, no protest at all

Mr Atkins then turn to the detail of clauses 54, 55, 56 and 60, which all relate to the conditions that the police can place on public processions, public assemblies and, by virtue of clause 60, single-person protests.

The police will be able to place conditions on planned or ongoing protests to prevent serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community. Conditions “may also be imposed on a protest if the purpose of the person organising it is the intimidation of others in order to compel them to do or not to do an act that they have the right to do or not to do.” It hard to understand, what this actually means because it seems to cover everything, so might be interpreted as banning protest,

Clauses 54, 55 and 60 will enable the police to impose conditions on a public procession, public assembly or single-person protest where noise may have a significant impact on those in the vicinity or may result in serious disruption to the activities of an organisation. These same clauses will also confer on the Home Secretary the power, through secondary legislation, to define the meaning of
“serious disruption to the life of the community”
“serious disruption to the activities of an organisation which are carried out in the vicinity of a public procession”,
assembly or single-person protest.

Outrageously, the clause will enable the police to impose conditions such as start times on public assemblies, and prevent excessive noise levels. This a significant attack on liberty, freedom of speech and assembly, make no mistake.

My conclusion from the debate was that the balance or rights between people and business in our democracy, will significantly transfer to business. This is unsurprising to me because fracking companies led the way in these changes, followed by the Canada Goose store in Regent Street London through the Civil Courts.

Throughout, this has been unchallenged by Climate led NGOs, human rights organisations and political parties until just before its second reading in the House of Commons. This tells me, that all of these organisations were prepared to hand our power over to corporations, without the majority having any idea of this long-term plan..

In the coming weeks, several radio and podcast interviews will be produced, to promote this work further.

To purchase the book please use the links in the article.

Author: Joe Boyd

Author: The Road ro Kill the Bill Citizen and Activist. BA (Honours) International Studies MSc Public Health Liverpool Echo Environment Healthy Living Award Winner 2019 (Green Air Schools Project)

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